19 Feb Fuji X-H1 First Impressions

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Anyone who reads this site regularly knows how much I like my Fuji cameras. Right now, I own the XT-2, X-Pro 2, and 100F, and a good-size stable of zooms and prime lenses. It should be quite obvious that I am a mirrorless advocate. The Fuji line has been something I can really get behind, not only because it delivers, but because of how it delivers.

Since introducing the original X-Pro, and just a few lenses, Fuji has been an incredibly transparent company. They released a very aggressive lens roadmap years ago, delivering on their promises while adding even more. Fuji also gets super high marks for continually upgrading the capabilities of their cameras by releasing major firmware updates. Many of these updates add so many new features, it is like getting a new camera….

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