04 Jul Fuji X-E3 vs X-E1 – Why would you want the newest one?

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Currently, I happen to have both these cameras at home so I thought this is a good opportunity to do a small comparison – between the first and the current incarnation of Fuji’s E-series bodies.

The X-E1 came out in late 2012. It was the second Fuji X system body of them all, after the system was launched with the X-Pro1 earlier the same year. In late 2013 it was replaced by the X-E2. From then on, it took another four years until, in October 2017, the first X-E3’s hit the shelves. (Yes there was an X-E2s but that was, in fact, just an X-E2 with a substantial firmware update and a very few cosmetic changes.)

Fuji X-E1 with 27/2.8 vs. Fuji X-E3 with 23/2

On these pictures, both bodies are seen with a lens of the same vintage – the 27/2.8 pancake is an older release from 2013 whereas the 23/2 appeared in 2017. Of course, all Fujinon X system lenses work on all Fuji X system bodies without any issue.

Today, you can pick up a Fuji X-E1 on the used market for maybe 150 or 170 Euros here in Germany, whereas the asking price for a new X-E3 is 599 Euros. That’s more than 400 Euros difference. In fact, the X-E1 currently is the cheapest Fuji body (with built-in viewfinder!) that you can get at all. The camera you see on these pictures belongs to a good friend of me who just kept it alongside his newer bodies,

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