15 Dec Fuji X-E3 Quick Look – A Great Little Street Camera

Source: StreetShootr


The Fuji X-E3 brings the company’s venerable X-Trans 3 sensor the XE series of cameras along with a few changes to the interface that make this camera stand out as an excellent choice for street photography.

I took the Fuji X-E3 for a spin at the Santa Claus Parade in Toronto and have a few things to say about this pretty little camera. This quick-look video covers at the changes and additions to the X-E3 and I discuss how this camera might perform on the street.

Spoiler alert: it’s another great little street photography camera from Fuji!

I didn’t include any sample pics in this Fuji X-E3 quick look because the camera uses the same sensor and lenses as other Fuji cameras I’ve reviewed. – so it literally has the exact same picture quality!

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