02 Dec Fuji X-A10: A selfie snapper for Generation Snowflake

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DDo you ever feel that something just isn’t for you?  Baseball caps worn back to front still bearing the size label, for instance, eyelashes for car headlights or the cross-cultural culinary abomination that is the stuffed-crust duck, spring onion and hoisin sauce pizza?

Tilty screen but no touchie

The fact that such things exist however means that there must be someone out there for whom they are the sine qua non of fashion, automotive and gustatory excellence respectively. That I don’t “get” that is my problem, isn’t it?

Minimal controls

It’s sort of how I feel about the new X-A10. This latest addition to the Fuji X-Series, I fully confess, leaves me cold. Looking at the landing pad on the Fujifilm.com portal gives a strong hint as to why. Under “Features” the main headings are: 1) Retro Design and Operability, 2) Selfie and Macro, 3) Wireless Communication, 4) Image Quality, 5) Versatile Functions.

Just read that again. I’ll wait here for you.

Selfie ready

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. Image Quality comes in fourth in line to the throne. The Overview is in the same vein: “Compact and Stylish” narrowly beats “180-degree tilting LCD and Portrait Enhancer for Selfie” for top selling point. Judging from the images that accompany the write up, Fuji have even gone so far as to provide a wireless remote control kitten to enable you to take really cute selfies. I clutched at the straw of macro being a featured capability but of course, silly me, that is so that you can take…

Fujifilm X-A10 Mirrorless Camera XC16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OIS II Kit – Silver

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