01 Apr Fuji Travel Photography

Source: Fujifilm Insider


The X-Pro 2 has been the best purchase I made changing up my kit before I left. I absolutely loved the X-Pro1 and it served me really well for the 4 years I was shooting with it but with the mildly unreliable auto focus abilities I was missing shots that a DSLR or faster mirrorless cameras would have had no issues with. The new 24mp sensor is fantastic, but to be honest, I had no issues with the 16mp X-Pro1. None of my work is printed on large billboards and I really only shoot for myself. I’m sure I’ll print some images from our round the world trip once we return home but nothing large enough to see the difference I’d suggest. The ability to crop in a little more in post has been handy on occasion.

The other main feature that drew me to the X-Pro2 was the weather resistant body. In the month that we’ve spent in India it’s already allowed me grab some amazing shots that I would have otherwise never got. The camera just wouldn’t have come out with me….

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