26 Jan Fuji Image Processing Contest: JPEG Mobile vs. RAW Desktop

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Those of youse who been following my blog’ll know I ain’t the kinda photoshop geek who loves to spend his whole life playing around on his computer. No sir. I’d rather be out snappin’, actually using my Fuji gear to capture the wonderful world around me! My mobile JPEG based workflow is what allows me to minimize time spent processing images. But that little voice in my head just don’t give up: “wouldn’t RAW still have been better?”. Please read on if you’re interested in the answer!


This image seems to be an appropriate guinea-pig: lots of contrast & lovely gradations of grey in-between! I always shoot RAW+JPEG, so I import:

  • The JPEG’s to my iPad, for mobile development using Lightroom CC MobileSnapseed, and
  • Selected RAW’s to my MacBook Pro, for desktop processing using Capture One Pro 11

Mobile development’s really fast, hey just 30secs max per image (only tweaking of curves & highlights / shadows). And really good results to boot (OK no sweat, everybody knows about the amazing quality of Fuji ACROS JPEG’s, which are mostly more than enough to get the job done!). This significantly speeds up my workflow & I can limit the more time consuming RAW development at a later point of time for those images where I really need the RAW file´s increased highlight headroom, see below the same image as above developed from RAW in Capture One Pro 11…

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