25 Feb Fuji GFX Sneak Peek

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Fujifilm reps were at Samy’s Cameras in San Francisco today, so I had a chance to play and “shoot” with the much-anticipated medium-format Fujifilm GFX 50S.

As the camera was a pre-production model, we were not allowed shoot any images on our own cards, but I came away with some useful first impressions.

The GFX is everything I would expect a medium format professional camera to be; it’s clear that it’s extremely well thought-through and executed to a very high engineering specification. In the hand, it is about the size of a Nikon D810 or Canon 5D-series. As you may have read, it is surprisingly light, but it is also very well made and robust-feeling; the fit and finish are excellent. The front grip and thumb rest are comfortable and nicely textured, and provide excellent purchase for a secure grip. And if you’re an Fuji X-camera user, the now-classic X-camera knobs and dials will immediately feel right at home. The menu system is clearly laid out, identical in organization and interface to the X-Pro2/X-T2….

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