20 Mar Fuji GFX portrait session review

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Fuji GFX with Fujifilm GF 120mm f4 macro, ISO 100, 1/125 f11

Lets forget about crop factors, depth of field equivalencies for a minute and take a look at how she performs during a portrait session.

Adorama was kind enough providing a loaner for a day and artist Raymond Verdaguer happened to be in town and was kind enough to sit for this session. Check out his work here and show him some love.


The Good:
Menu interface similar to X-T2, felt right at home and only took a few minutes
to replicate my custom settings
Beautiful LCD screen, large bright view finder.
Feels good in hand with the 120mm f4 macro attached.
Snappy AF speed in AFS mode and better then expected low light AF performance.
Impressive sensor performance at low and high ISO settings
Fuji’s color science shines once again, jpegs out of the camera are beautiful,
lots of latitude for easy tweaks, better then raw files on certain cameras!
Raw files converted in Iridient X transformer show impressive latitude/dynamic range,
I will test and compare this once Capture One adds support.
The lens is a piece of art, lovely bokeh, very effective image stabilization
Tack sharp wide open.
More resistance when operating the on/off switch, a welcome improvement over the X-T2. …

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