05 Oct Fuji, Fuji reaches for the sky in New York, New York!

Source: Macfilos

X-T2 and 16mm

Visiting New York for the first time cannot fail to be exciting even for such confirmed country-lovers as my wife and me. Although we had eagerly anticipated our first visit in January 2017, we were both surprised at just how exhilarating, awe-inspiring and unforgettable New York was to prove.

New Yorkers are indeed no shrinking violets and the city doesn’t hide its light under a bushel — or under any other old cliché for that matter. As one of the most frenetic cities on the planet, it’s in your face all day and famously never sleeps at night. We loved it.

Good shapes and interesting converging verticals (X-T2 and 16mm)

There are indeed some real problems for photographers. As in other major cities, the must-see locations are iconic landmarks which are photographed millions of times a year. The only valid response to this problem is to tell yourself that the whole city and everything in it is wholly new to you.

Cloud helps tie these buildings together (X-T2 and 16mm)

The second photographic problem relates to skyscrapers and two of their aspects. On the one hand, they are immensely tall and often display huge variations in dynamic range, since some of their faces are very light while other faces are very dark. On the other hand, they also produce fiercely converging verticals in images when a lens is pointed upwards.

I am not sure of best practice when dealing with converging verticals in such extreme situations. Up to now I…

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