05 Sep Fuji Drought: Why Macfilos has been a bit light on Fuji this year

Source: Macfilos

Umbrella jousting at the Chaps Olympiad 2016 — Bill Palmer and Fuji

Last week I received an email from reader David Bailey wondering where all the Macfilos Fuji stories have gone. Whither Bill Palmer? Well, the answer is simple. Bill is starting a new company and, as always with such venture, found himself with less time for his Fuji passions. He’s the first to admit that photography over the past nine months hasn’t even been on the hob, never mind on the back burner. 

This has given us a dilemma since we sold all our Fuji gear in favour of Micro Four Thirds over a year ago. The logic was that Bill kept up a steady steam of Fuji comment while I could produce m4/3 stuff. So now we need more Fuji input. I hope bill will be able to get his mojo back soon and we are meeting this week to explore a few possibilities. 

In the meantime, I suggested to David that he might like to write an article explaining his decision to love to Fuji and his new found affinity for mirrorless. He did like, as it happened, and tomorrow David will be writing about Fuji and sharing some of his excellent photographs with us. 

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