19 Apr Fuji 16mm f1.4 Depth of Field Scale

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Depth of Field Scale

I’ve been taking photographs with digital cameras for over 12 years and have never got around to learning how to read a depth if field scale!

The depth of field scale can be useful for setting the focus to maximize the front to back sharpness or hyperfocal distance.

There are other methods for calculating Hyperfocal distance using charts or mobile phone Apps and I have included some comparison test shots and 100% crops to illustrate my experiences.

This is a fairly un-scientific but real world test of these two methods

Fuji 16mm f1.4 Depth of Field Scale

Hyperfocal Distance – Using Depth of Field Scale

Set your lens to an aperture – say, f/16 (NOTE: Too small an aperture can result in diffraction effects that result in progressively less sharp images at small apertures so generally aim to for f8 or f11 depending on lens quality)

Since your lens is set at f/16, find the “16” markings on the depth-of-field scale on the lens. Position the infinity symbol below the “16” mark. This brings infinity just within the depth-of-field at f/16

Now, you are no longer focusing directly on infinity. Depending on the lens, you are now focusing on a distance of around seven to ten feet away and everything from around half that distance to infinity should render acceptably sharp…


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