01 Sep Fuji 100-400mm Review | Ken Rockwell

The Fuji 100-400mm is a very long zoom (150~600mm equivalent) for the Fuji X-series cameras. It has great optics and stabilization and is reasonably well made, but it’s expensive, doesn’t focus that close and is mostly plastic. It is nowhere near the quality of a professional DSLR lens like the Canon 100-400mm L IS II which sells for about the same price. Before I’d get too excited about this lens, ask yourself if you really want such a big, expensive and partly plastic lens for a “lightweight” camera system. I’d suggest you’d be much better off with any Canon DSLR and the Canon 100-400mm L II, which is far superior. For this price for a mirrorless camera, I’d also consider a Sony RX10 Mk III which comes with a superb Zeiss lens that covers the equivalent of 24~600mm f/2.4~4, and includes an excellent camera along with the lens for less than the cost of this much larger Fuji lens alone. To be perfectly honest, I compared the two, and the Sony RX10 Mk III focuses a little faster than this 100-400mm lens on an X-Pro2…..