21 Feb Fuerteventura – The Great Adventure – Gavin Lyons Photography

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Clouds are more than welcomed to bring life and drama to a landscape scene. When clear blue skies are abundant as they always are on the Canary Islands it seems to be a happy sight at least for a landscape photographer to find some white patches and dashes of nebula above.

The equipment I was using for this trip of one week to Feurte included just one camera, one lens and a tripod. The plan was simple walk and discover and walk some more. I carried along the robust Fujifilm GFX 50s (Digital Medium Format). The glass in question was the ƒ/4 32mm-64mm lens (25mm-51mm in 35mm equivalent). The tripod was my old bashed up carbon Manfrotto.

While the weather was regarded poor and cold when I had small talked the locals who lived and worked on Fuerteventura. They were unhappy and bit unsettled because of it.  I suppose their minds must be set on tourism. As I could not comprehend or even see the problem or the issue with this. In fact I rejoiced in such a gift of bad weather. It goes to say that landscape photographers tend to view their environmental conditions a little different. Details in the foreground and background make images. They can be used to illustrate the scene especially with clouds too. It enhances the  mood and promotes grandeur….

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