04 Nov From Voigtländer Vito B to the Fuji X-Pro2

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It has now been a matter of a few months since I made the decision to go down the Fuji X system road and I thought it would be interesting to describe my experiences to date. I am not a professional photographer; although I have some history of studio portraiture and weddings, I have never actually charged for my work or services.

As part of my Fuji X experience, I thought it would be useful to briefly outline my personal history of cameras and photography up to this year. Although not quite 50 years of age, that birthday is getting very close now (fear). As a young lad, some of my earliest memories are of spending long periods of time in the cramped attic of our house with my dad helping to print black and white images. There is something magical about a wet darkroom – the red safe light, the smell of the chemicals and never getting tired of seeing images appear from a sheet of photographic paper sloshing around in the developer; then later developing the skills to transfer film from the can (in the pitch black) and onto the developing tank spool.
Why is this relevant? Well, working in a wet darkroom teaches one to be methodical, careful, tidy and above all patient. You have to slow down and think what you are doing or things have a habit of going very wrong very quickly; often the result is not recoverable!
I think slowing

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