06 Mar From Sony to Fuji X-T2, first 6 months

Source: Fujifilm Insider

2x Fuji X T2 with a grip, the perfectly fitting SmallRig cage, Peak Design straps, the 56mm 1.2 and still one of my fav’s, the 1st gen 35mm 1.4

Probably the biggest surprise aside AF performance is the very capable video mode, especially in 4k. Very low rolling shutter, descent af performance – with the right lenses, Fuji’s fantastic film simulations and F-log when recording to an external recorder. More on that in an upcoming post.

The fantastic lens line up really comes to life on the X-T2 and this puts Fuji further ahead when compared to the competition, remembering my Sony days, although some amazing lenses were available and more are being added, I wasn’t able to get the lens I needed or wanted with closely matching optical color DNA. There are noticeable differences between Sony’s Zeiss, G, GM and Zeiss Batis‘ lenses, potentially a real problem on high volume shoots when one needs to maintain color consistency and no time to tweak hue/color to match different lens signatures. Having all primes and zooms designed by Fuji, with similar characteristics greatly minimizes this problem and we now also get a real world modern day M Leica-esque experience with their addition of new 2nd gen f2 primes. Fast af, very good optical performance and even bokeh in some cases…

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