27 Apr Friends, coffee and motorcycles in Buenos Aires

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Friendships are often born out of common interests, such as motorcycles for example. And these interests are often the cement that unites friendships for a lifetime. And just a small pretext, like a simple “Shall we have a coffee?”, is enough to grab the helmet and jacket. A visual story by Marcelo de Coghlan.

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Since I can remember, I like bicycles and motorcycles. They give that feeling of independence that no other vehicle could give me. I grew up in a neighbourhood in the province of Buenos Aires, and bicycles were essential to meet friends. In essence, I still do the same with motorcycles, while the bicycle is a means of transportation to get to work. Coffee in the meeting point, just an excuse.

When a friend sends me a message saying “let’s have a coffee” I automatically go to the bike helmet and jacket. Lately, we’ve been discovering new places to have coffee in the city, that moment when you have your coffee in hand and look at your bike through the cafe’s window is unique. Just like family vacations or going to a restaurant, going for a walk with your partner or being hugged by your children, those are the moments that give value to life. But where does photography comes in?

The camera is a way to document those moments, so the images can bring back memories, good ones to make us happy and bad ones

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