04 May Friday Image No. 181

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

On the road to Keld in the Yorkshire Dales. Fuji XT2, 55-200 lens, 1″ at f/16.0 and ISO 100. Filters and processing are given in blog post.

Last weekend I was out shooting in Yorkshire Dales, although it started as a trip to Cumbria and a location I had never visited before. Here is one of the shots that I took and for once, it was only a couple of meters from where we parked the car.

I was able to blur the movement of the water using a combination of my Kase polarising filter and 3 stop ND filter. This slowed the shutter speed just enough to create the blur but retain some of the detail in the water. I made sure that I rotated the polariser fully before deciding on the correct position where the movement was most obvious.

The RAW file was converted using Lightroom and post-processing effects were added in Alien Skin Exposure X3. This involved applying the Kodak Ektar film effect, followed by selective adjustments to emphasise the movement of the water.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.

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