15 Dec French startup is preparing its curved CMOS image sensor for mass production

Source: DP Review

French start-up, Curve-One, has announced its first commercially-viable curved image sensor. This is not the first time we’ve heard of curved sensors. In 2014, Sony showed a pair of curved sensors. Three years later, CEA-Leti, a research institution in France announced a functional prototype of a 20MP full frame image sensor. However, Curve-One’s announcement is different in a significant way—Curve-One is preparing for mass production of its curved image sensor.

Curved image sensors mimic the human eye and have massive implications for optical design and overall imaging performance. Curve-One says

‘The development of curved sensors is a bio-inspired approach. Mimicking the eye retina, this new technology impacts every future imaging system. By directly correcting the field curvature in the focal plane of imagers, the use of curved sensors suppresses the field flatteners. Less optics means less misalignments and instrumental errors, increases the stability and image homogeneity, and reduces the dependence to environmental condition. Thereby it improves image acquisition quality and then reduces image post-processing costs.’

Curve-One states a curved sensor design can reduce total optics in a lens by a third and remove the need for aspherical elements. You can see a comparison diagram below, showing a flat image sensor and its requisite lens design on the left and Curve-One’s curved image sensor and a less complicated optical design on the right.

A curved image sensor solves what Curve-One refers to as ‘the classical problem of the planisphere.’ A ‘huge distortion is created

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