17 Apr Freestyle Photo Editing

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

My usual approach to photo editing is to have a clear finished image in my mind before I start. I like to focus on this finished image to get it as clear as possible in order to plan out the change I’m going to make. Although the plans only jotted bullet points it helps reinforce the finished image in my mind.

This image is completely different.

Early morning in Padley Gorge, The Peak District.

Rather than planning out the finished result I just trusted to luck. I also didn’t spend any real time trying to imagine what it would look like when finished. In fact, it started off with me thinking the result would be a colour shot.

Here’s the starting image without any adjustment.

I can’t remember all the changes I made but it went something along the lines of the following:

Luminar 4 White balance and split toning to give the image a cold blue/green tint with a spooky feel.Change the contrast to give a dull matt feel to the blacks.Diffuser to soften the detail and make the fog/mist in the original shot more obvious.Add a crop and dark vignette to focus attention on the centre of the frame.Nik Silver Efex Pro Conversion 1 on a new layer – selected a dark sepia preset

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