29 Mar Free Capture One Style Brushes

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

Ever since Capture One released the 14.1 update, I’ve been playing around with the new style brushes feature, and I’m really linking it. As part fo my experimentation, I’ve been creating a few style brushes of my own, and so, I’m making these experimental brushes available for you tor download and try.

I’ve created three style brushes which you can download and use. These are only experimental, so they’re not fully tested in every scenario, and they are what they are. I think you might still get some use out of them though. Here is a breakdown of the brushes:

Clarity and Haze

Use this to add clarity and a little dehaze to scenes. Useful if you have areas of the photo that fall off in the distance and require more detail than others. Also useful if you just want to slowly build up the effect. Ideal for cityscape and landscape shots.

Dark Sky Enhance

This is useful if you want to darken and enhance a sky. Use it to slowly build up the effect by brushing over the sky until it reaches the desired intensity.

Skin Soften

This is a Style Brush version of my skin soften technique that I posted a video about a little while ago. It softens and slightly brightens the skin depending on the exposure.

To download the style brushes simply click on the button below. Unzip the archive and install the style brushes files.

Download Style Brushes

To install the style

Free Capture One Style Brushes posted on Thomas Fitzgerald Photography on

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