06 Mar Frame Photos for Instagram using Lightroom’s Print Module

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

If you post on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve come across the problem of getting your images to fit within the Instagram aspect ration. Instagram uses 5X4 (or 4X5) as the ratio for images posted to the platform, but most cameras shoot 6X4. There are many ways around this, such as cropping to the right ratio and making special instagram versions. Another popular option is to fame your image in its default format inside a white frame that fits on Instagram. This is quite common, and I recently got a question from a reader asking if there was a way to do this from within Lightroom. There is, and it involves using the Print Module.

The print module is actually a basic layout tool inside of Lightroom, and it has one very useful feature that can often be overlooked: the ability to print to a file. This way you can use the Lightroom Print Module to lay out your images within a frame, and then save to a Jpeg file that you can use elsewhere, or even re-import back into Lightroom if you want.

For the purposes of Instagram, You can use the print module to create a 5X4 frame and have your image fit within that. It’s actually quite easy, but just involves a little bit of setup first. Here’s what to do:

Part 1: Setup Step1

The first thing you need to do is set up a custom page size. Go to the print module and at the

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