09 Nov Four Popular Fujifilm X Series Lenses

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Fujifilm has a stellar reputation of making some of the best mirrorless cameras across the industry. From amateurs entering the realm of photography to seasoned professionals, Fujifilm has been delivering to all kinds of crowds with precision and Japanese quality for decades. Image above: Courtesy Fujifilm / Jonas Rask With the introduction of its premium X-series, Fujifilm has set forth to combine traditional styling with cutting-edge technology. Models like the X-T4 and X-Pro 3 have, in a short while, gained a serious following among loyal photographers. Whether you opt for the more affordable Fujifilm X-A7 or a high-end option like the X-T4 or X-H1, you are going to need some new glass to go along with your camera. With a collection of wide-angles, telephotos, zooms and primes, Fujifilm has been steadily growing its series of X Mount lenses. From portraiture to wildlife photography, this diverse collection of versatile lenses has got your back. Having to decide between these lenses could be a tough choice. So, before you get started on looking for the perfect X Mount lens for you, here is a quick guide to help you understand the lenses from Fujifilm. Understanding the Jargon of Fujifilm Lenses If you’ve […]

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