06 Apr Food Photography : Piece of Cake?

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

A shot of the cherry “props”.

What are the challenges one faces when shooting food? Today I have eight cakes to photograph. In the world of commercial photography; the photographer not only needs to shoot, set-up lighting, style and also needs to crack a joke or two when the environment gets a little uptight. Today’s shoot is definitely not a piece a cake.

Adjustment, adjustment and more adjustment.

My set-up for the day.

Fellow photographer Tiong Jin, holding on to my precious mirror.

Weapon of choice is GFX with GF120mm as the main lens.  I also used GF63mm and GF45mm; basically for a few top angle shots.  Primarily GF120mm is the lead actor for today’s shoot. As for lighting up of the scene; it’s mostly a simple 3 lights set-up. 3 Broncolor Siros 800L are the lighting gears. A 60cm x 60cm softbox acts as the main light. A kicker light to rim certain section of the cake. I did’t want this secdond light to spill and therefore a fine honeycomb grid was used for better control and focus. The third light was used to light the wall/background area with just a standard reflector. I would also like to share an inexpensive but very valuable gear I can;t live without in food photography . Its name is call the Mirror! Yes, you heard it. I love to use mirror as a reflector for some small and specific area. By default I will usually
have 3 mirrors in my camera case. A

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