11 Nov Focusing Your Fuji in the Dark

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Focusing in the dark is difficult with any camera system, but can be particularly challenging with mirrorless systems. Low light can mean that contrast is low, the subject you want to focus on is too dim for the camera to recognise, or that there isn’t even enough light for your eyes to see. These are all challenging situations for your camera to focus. Today, we’ll take a look at a few techniques you can use to focus in the dark.

Camera autofocus systems need light, or more specifically, contrast with which to focus. As light fades you lose both of these and most autofocus systems begin to struggle. In order to allow the camera to focus again, we need to reintroduce one or both of these things. Let’s take a look at a few ways we can do that. Some of these are functions of the camera or a flash unit and some of them we can look for in the world…

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