23 Dec Flight of The Swans – Final Chapter

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Recap – My name is Ben Cherry, I’m a Fujifilm X-Photographer focusing on environmental photojournalism. Currently I am part of the WWT Flight of the Swans conservation project, where Sacha Dench is flying from Arctic Russia back to the UK; following the declining Bewick’s swan as they migrate to overwinter in warmer climates.

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Well we eventually got out of Russia, after a 19 hour border crossing. Estonia was instantly different. It had a significantly different feel to it, from seemingly greener, richer forest to just a different culture. It was all quite refreshing!

I broke off from the core team to focus on finding swans. We had been given some tips for where to search around the northern coastline. However, a spanner was thrown into the works in the form of Charlotte, one of our tagged swans. Incredibly excited to be remotely near her we headed to the remote lake she was roosting at. Turned out to be quite the endeavour, with a choice between a 10km walk through thick woodland or a 2km trudge through a peat bog (which thanks to google translate and an excitable colleague, we thought it was a mine field for about half an hour!). We opted for the bog.


A little Bewick’s (middle) stands next to two large whooper swans.

I had an Indiana Jones moment almost as soon as I got into the peat bog. Weighed down by two large video tripods and a full backpack I quickly sank into the peat and couldn’t wiggle out! Eventually, with a helping hand to take all of the kit, I managed to wiggle out. Though my boots did pay the price. I marched off to an outdoors shop as soon as we passed through Tallin and picked up some wellies! Needless to say our luck didn’t change and we didn’t find Charlotte. However, returning to the coast we came across these feeding swans in a field (above).


Luck starting to change.

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