28 Feb Five minutes with pro photographer Wayne Johns

Source: Tech Radar

With The Photography Show fast approaching, we sat down with professional fashion and commercial photographer Wayne Johns for a quick chat about the talks he’ll be holding at the event.

The first talk you’re doing is called ‘shooting a fashion portrait with depth and drama’. Can you tell us more?

The sessions on the live stage are quite short, but I wanted to carry my workflow across to the demonstration like I’ve done previously when I was there. I still want to show people how to capture a fashion-styled image, but turn it into a fashion portrait.

So, for the shot, I’m basically going to be using a couple of lights, the same things that I would use commercially, but try and keep the lighting quite simple. The idea being that it might be lighting that people in the audience may own themselves.

I’m going to be using two different modifiers with the lights. The first one is going to be quite a large Octobox, as this will give me a nice soft feel. The other modifier will be a softbox with a grid, which will give me a bit more contrast and more direct light, helping me get separation and depth in my image.

Do you find there are some bad habits that people can fall into?

That’s a tricky one! I think the concept and the idea is the biggest thing. Most of the work is done there – working with your creative team and your model choice. From there forward, I think…

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