25 Sep First thoughts and a guest’s impressions of the Fujifilm GFX 50R

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Fujifilm’s medium format assault continues. For years there has been a discussion about what Fujifilm should do next after establishing itself in the APS-C segment with the X-series. Many people advocated for the need of a full frame line-up. I have always thought that would be a major mistake for several reasons. First, after shooting with X-series cameras and lenses and then full frame cameras, the difference in quality vs. size was barely noticeable. When you incorporate the price difference into the equation, the X-series becomes a clear winner here. Second, the full frame mirrorless segment is being ruled by Sony and they are aggressively marketing their products. Third, the recent entries from Nikon, Canon and the announcement from Panasonic makes the entire space crowded and suffocating. There is only one outcome – a price war!

Therefore, I (and many other photographers) saw the medium format market as the most logical and strategic direction for Fujifilm. Not only has this segment been waiting for a disruption but it has always been the envy of most serious photographers. Of course, for years the price of entry was way too high. With the GFX50s and now the brand new GFX50R, the price of medium format has been cut almost in half and reached a level when the fully committed pros or even serious amateurs could sell their line-up of expensive lenses, cameras and all other gear and actually enter the up to now elusive medium format world. This is a huge development!

The brand new GFX50R starts a new chapter in the medium format saga and opens the world of medium format photography to new genres such as street photography. I haven’t had a chance to work with the pre-production model but Jonas Rask and Patrick La Roque, who have their own editorial columns in the upcoming Medium Format Magazine, have published their reviews.


Fujifilm GFX 50R Review – Digital Medium Format Heritage

Also, my friend Spencer Wynn wrote his “first impressions” piece, which I am sharing below. Look for Spencer’s in-depth piece about the GFX50R in the first issue of the Medium Format Magazine on October 10th. Special pre-launch pricing is still available for a few more days.


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