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It’s quite funny how I once read a thread on Facebook by a group of very well known on Facebook Pro Photographers ! who were making fun of all the photography websites like for instance, Matthew Hart Photography. I looked them all up at the time and they all had Ltd Company’s but none of them used there first or last name. I was confused at the time but found it interesting how this group of so called Pro’s were so insecure they had an issue with First Name Last Name Photographers !! I had a long hard think at the time and decided my identity as a photographer is actually my name. So when I went Pro I named my company Matthew Hart Photography Ltd.

I noticed how people I had as social media friends changed their attitude towards me ! They became Jealous that I was now doing something they only dreamt about. To be honest I really could not understand it because we can all do what we want in life. If you plan what your are doing then anything is possible. I had been working to a Professional Standard for a very long time and had just been made redundant. I had the funds to give it a go and went for it. Most people and company’s were very helpful. Some of the Pro’s thought I was going to steal there client base and went a bit quiet on me and quite a few

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