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May 24, Fujifilm announced their newest “entry-level X-series camera, the X-T100 !
X-T100 with grip installed
The X-T100 is what you get if an X-A5 and X-T20 are spending too much time together; while the hardware is similar to the X-T20, the inside (sensor/processor) is close to the X-A5. It is marketed as Fujifilm’s entry level, interchangeable lens mirrorless camera with an EVF (Electronic View Finder). It is likely aimed at the ones starting off in photography as well as social media photographers who are into vlogging (video-blogging). 
Fujifilm Middle East could only provide me with a copy of the camera two days before the announcement date. Because of the short notice, I decided to first take the X-T100 on a photography tour around Italy before writing down my personal findings in the review below. The camera provided was pretty much up to final spec (if not completely?) and had a 1.0 firmware version installed.

Personally, I find the name for this camera a little confusing; X-T100 is really close to X-100T, the predecessor of the X-100F and part of a complete different line of X-series cameras. As it is close to the X-T20 in a lot of ways, X-T200 might have worked better.
DESIGNSlightly heavier and larger than the X-T20, the camera feels solid and sturdy and not plasticky like its predecessor the X-A5. For the ones that pay attention to these things, the serial number plate shows that the camera is being made in Indonesia. 
For better handholding, the camera comes with a small additional side-grip which can be easily added with the provided screw. I did

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