The Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 printer, replaces it predecessor the SP-1. Although not brand-new (released June 2016), the first time I used this pocket Instax printer, was during the recent 24 hour project in Dubai on April 1st.

With its portable size and weight, the Instax SP-2 is the perfect pocket printer to be taken on the road. If you want to make small credit card prints to give out at weddings, birthday parties or even on Street Photography walks, the SP-2 is what you are looking for!

Before we go any further, you are not limited to using Fujifilm cameras in order to use this device.
The Wifi enabled small printer, comes in two colours (silver and gold) and is slightly smaller and lighter than an X-T1/2 camera body. It takes both the Fujifilm Instax mini film as well as the brand-new “Monochrome” Instant film, for better Black and White prints (see below Image quality).

For the ones that are too young to know what polaroid cameras look like, there are no ink cartridges in the printer itself; the image is developed right on the paper! Loading the film is dead easy; after unzipping the bag, just align the yellow dots and you are done.


There are only two buttons on the device; one power button and a “Reprint” button on the side. The second one is to be used if one wants to print the last image again. On a few occasions, I did press the button, which lead to an unnecessary print being made. In the future, the button…

Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 Printer (Silver)