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When Fujifilm announced three new cameras on January 19 (X-T20, X-100F and GFX 50S), they also released a new lens; the XF50mm f2 lens, an announcement that was somewhat overshadowed by the other new gear.

Last week, I got a brand new test sample of the XF50mm f2 lens on loan from Fujifilm Middle East, for a first look review. If you haven’t done so, I invite you to check out my Fujifilm X-T20 and Fujifilm X-100F first look reviews.
The lens is part of the new weather sealed f2 lens selection Fujifilm started in October 2015 when they released the very popular XF35mm f2. Last year in August, we saw the new XF23mm f2, which has quickly become my new go to lens for Street Photography.

I really like how Leica has several different lens line-ups; the main ones being Elmarit (f2.8), Summicron (f2.0) and Summilux (f1.4). Fujifilm seems to be heading in the same direction with the present f2.0 line-up, which I happily call the “Fujicron” line!

The XF50mm f2 has been on the Fujifilm lens roadmap since July 2016.
While a 50mm lens (also nicknamed the “Nifty Fifty”) is often considered a standard or normal lens; mounted on a cropped sensor X-series camera body it behaves like a 75mm lens and becomes a mid-telephoto. What is often forgotten is that depth of field and compression are however still based on the 50mm optics.

Looking at all full frame camera/lens manufactures, only Leica offers a 75mm f2 lens as part of their Summicron lens range. For portrait photography, 85mm full frame equivalent is…

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