26 Jun First look: Fujifilm X70. The ultimate backpacker’s camera?

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Recently I decided it was time to replace my ageing X-E1, which I keep as my second camera. I decided to get the X70. Here’s my hands-on review.


I’ve used quite a few X-Series cameras but haven’t always kept them for long. Here’s my Fuji history, along with the fate of each camera:

  • X30 (loved the compact size but rapidly outgrew its capabilities; sold it)
  • X-E1 (main camera for over a year, then relegated to backup unit, now physically battered and about to be sold)
  • X-M1 (bought as a second camera but hated the limited controls; sold it)
  • X-T1 (succumbed to the dreaded peeling rubber grip, and I never really liked the SLR styling; sold it)
  • X-Pro2 (my main camera and a dream to use)

The story here is that I have always been looking for a compact camera with zero compromises in image quality or control. It took me much deliberation before I upgraded to the physically bulkier X-T1 and X-Pro2 – a decision I only made because I really needed some of the features they offered….

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