07 Jul FIRST LOOK: FUJIFILM X-T2 camera review (part 1)

Just over two and a half year ago, FUJIFILM announced the X-T1, a mirrorless “DSLR like” camera, which made a lot of pro-shooters exchange their DSLR’s for X-T1’s. Almost to the day two years ago, I was one of them! My very popular Bye Bye Nikon, Hello Fujifilm post talks about that big step!
Since the launch of the X-T1 we have seen quite a few firmware updates, often giving the camera complete new functionality, such as the new autofocus system released with the ground breaking firmware 4.0 update.
Although the X-T1 is still very capable, once Fujifilm announced the new X-Pro2 in January 2016, the rumours started building that an X-T2 was in the making…  Today the waiting is finally over! The X-T2 has been announced!

Lets first go back a few months to April 21. On that day, I received a black box from Japan which had my name on it. Inside I found an early pre-production copy of the X-T2! Completely taped up its secret codename was “Taurus”. While initially the camera had a basic firmware based on the X-Pro2, a number of pre-release firmware updates gradually made it to the X-T2 that is announced today! 

While most of the firmware updates were installed were relatively easy to install, the last one had to be done by a Fujifilm qualified engineer…  A bummer as I was travelling in that period and therefore could not be done before release date. Briefly, as of today I have not seen the final version of the firmware, although it