01 Sep FIRST LOOK: Fuji XF23mmF2R WR lens

Source: Fuji Love

When Fujifilm announced the XF35mm f2 lens, about 10 months ago, a lot of street photographers were very excited! In no time it became one of most popular lenses for the X-series system… And rightly so; its compact size, great image quality, all at a “reasonable” price, made it a no brainer for a lot of the X-shooters with an interest in Street Photography.

It wouldn’t take long before Fujifilm photographers started asking for a 23mm lens in a “similar form factor” as the 35mm f2. And typically for Fujifilm, they do pay attention to its users…

Today, August 25 2016 the new XF 23mm f2 R WR lens is reality! The announcement didn’t come as a complete surprise as it already showed up on the latest X-mount Lens roadmap, a few months ago.

Fujifilm Middle East, was kind enough to lend me a pre-production copy of the 23mm f2 a bit more than a week ago. Although a bit shorter than normal, I was still able to shoot the lens during a Street Photography walk in Paris and Dubai. All images shown here were shot on a pre-production X-T2 body. Although pretty close to final production, it is still a pre-production copy of the lens and small changes might occur between now and the release date. A new lens firmware is likely to be released over the coming month(s).

23 f2 left – 35 f2 right

The lens is made in Japan and

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