14 Oct First Impressions: X-Pro2 AF-C Function Update

Before I traveled to Japan for the FIA World Endurance Championship race at Fuji Speedway I completed the firmware update on the X-Pro2.  The latest software (FW2.0) includes the same auto focus algorithm as the X-T2 but without the custom functions that the newer camera has available.  I was interested to see how the new continuous AF would work on fast cars.  

I have already been shooting with the X-Pro2 for sport and wildlife since the start of 2016 and the AF functions of the camera were already pretty good. So I was interested to see how Fujifilm could improve the X-Pro2 even further.

Using the XF100-400mm lens at the side of the track I took a variety of images – slow shutter pans to give the sense of speed and faster shutter speeds to freeze the action.  In all cases I would track the car using the AF-C function in zone focusing mode (3×3 squares) and the drive was set to CH (8fps).

Tracking cars coming towards the camera was the most noticeable improvement, the X-Pro2 would easily follow the subject coming down the track into a corner.  The only issue was when the headlights would cause the camera to lose the lock.  It happened on two occasions and the camera would go out of focus. I would have to reset by focusing on the kerbs at the side of the track.  

This also happens on the X-T2 (and all other cameras as well) but on the X-T2 you can set…