26 Feb First Impressions Shooting Review: Fujifilm GFX System

Source: Fujifilm Insider

This is my shooting ‘first impressions’ video of the Fujifilm GFX 50S digital medium format camera. I had just under 3 days to shoot with this pre-production camera, as well as only having access to the JPEGs; but I have a good idea how the final production camera and images are going to be like. This is going to be the most significant digital medium format camera to be released because it’s going to make medium format more accessible in terms of price and availability. The target market is the working professional, studio, portrait, commercial, weddings, landscape, architecture photographers; although avid hobbyists with money will also find this camera appealing. I took the GFX out and used it like any other review camera, so the majority of the images are shot in street style. It’s a big camera, but no bigger or heavier than the pro DSLRs and pro lenses, so it was manageable. If you want the highest resolution digital images, this is one of the cameras to consider, even for street photography.

Please enjoy 39 sample images posted (including an intro and outro montage) as well as a short video clip shot with the GFX 50S. Wait for a future video review once I receive a long term production copy. Thanks for watching, thanks for your support and happy shooting..,

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