31 Mar First Impressions: Laowa 9mmF2.8

Source: Joe Jongue

If you’re like me and have been living under a rock for the past few years then you’re probably wondering who on earth is Laowa and are they worth the time? Laowa (Venus Optics) has been around since 2013 already have a few lenses in their lineup. One of their newest lenses is the 9mmF2.8, I was fortunate enough to get a hold of a pre-production unit to play with (I got the Fujifilm Mount). I want to thank my contact at Laowa Australia for the opportunity.

As with all pre-production units, things may change in the final production iteration. So let’s begin…

The Physical

With all first impressions, the physical form factor is usually the first that thing that people notice, for the Laowa 9mm it was its tiny size. I was overly surprised at just how small the lens actually was, seeing it on brochures was one thing but seeing it up close was another. Even with the lens hood attached the lens still kept a small form factor, to put into comparison, it’s nearly identical to the Fujinon XF35mmF2.



Its size allows it to be extremely portable and fit in just about any kit or pocket (coat and jackets). One of the advantages of having a small lens is that it doesn’t stand out like you’re peacocking or telling the world around you “hey look at me” so is quite handy for street shooters who prefer to get close to their

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