21 Dec First Impressions Fuji XT2

Source: Fujifilm Insider

It’s here, it’s finally here. After months of anticipation and research it’s finally arrived. Now before I start this post I must inform you that this isn’t a full on review about the Fuji XT2 but more why I decided to purchase it over the stiff competition (such as the Sony A7 range) and why it’s a worth while investment to a full frame SLR photographer like myself.

Till 2015 I’d always shot with DSLR and didn’t really crave much else. But in 2015 something happened, well 2 things actually. A terrible rotator cuff injury and a girlfriend. In no particular order obviously! So having to lug around a Canon 6D from day to day started to become bit of a problem. It’s no secret that DSLR’s are cumbersome and for me not ideal for candid street photography or personal travel photography. So I was on a mission to find something smaller, lighter and more agile. This initially came in the shape and form of the Olympus EM10 which is a beautiful bit of kit and in all honesty where my mirrorless love affair began. The flip out touch screen, the EVF that gives you all that exposure information on the fly was a breath of fresh air. To be fair a lot of my work has been captured on this little guy. But as things progress I started to see the cracks – low light capability being one of them and the other was the fact that coupled with a Panasonic 20mm f1.7 this thing was SLOW. Yes I could have purchased a native 25mm f1.8 but when you start going down that route of these larger lenses it starts to invalidate the point of owning the EM10 as far as I was concerned. I’m probably being a little extreme here but it’s just how I saw it…

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