14 Aug First Impression: Fujifilm X-T2

Source: Joe Jongue

With the internet is still abuzz with the announcement of Fujifilm’s latest flagship mirrorless camera, the X-T2, I was invited to an exclusive launch event hosted by Fujifilm Australia and was provided with the opportunity to trial the new X-T2. It’s not every day that an average “Joe” like myself get invited so such an event so I just wanted to use this opportunity to thank the guys over at Fujifilm Australia for organising the event. Some of the images and videos are shown here were taken straight from the X-T2.

For those new to my blog you’ll find my reviews are more focused on real-world examples and use case scenarios that an average person would normally use in a real environment, you won’t find any colour charts, pixel peeping or side-by-side comparisons with other camera manufacturers here. So here are my first  impressions of the X-T2.


The launch event was held in Sydney at a secret location to prevent the general public from crashing the event. The event kicked off with your standard meet & greets where I ran into Matt Granger and a number of journalists from various photo magazine publications and online blogs including Photoinsomnia and Shotkit just to name but a few. It then proceeded with presentations highlighting the new features and improvements, but the most engaging part of the presentation was when guest speaker, X-Photographer & Fujifilm Ambassador, Andrew Hall, came up on stage and talked about his experience using various X Series cameras, the pros and cons

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