07 Jul First Black and White Landscapes Workshop of 2020

Source: Maclean Photographic

Fujifilm X-T4 + XF10-24mm f4 – Haida M10 1.8 ND + Red Diamond 0.9 ND Grad
1 second @ f11 ISO80
Last week I ran my first Black and White Landscape workshop of the year.  Like many businesses the Covid19 pandemic caused me a bit of a headache and I had to put my photo workshops on hold for three months.  The clients who had already booked workshops were offered a refund but I was happy when they said they would be OK to postpone and wait until I could rearrange the bookings with them. 

The first workshop was a 1-2-1 with a client who was returning for her second one day MacLean Photographic workshop. 

Fujifilm X-T4 + XF50-140mm f2.8 – Haida M10 1.8 ND
1/6s @ f8 ISO250 The workshop was held at Barns Ness and Tyningham, demonstrating the techniques on how to ‘see’ a landscape in black and white and expose the image accordingly. This something I have learnt from experience and I now endeavour to teach my clients during the one day workshop.

The best black and white landscape photography has a strong range of tones. From almost pure white through to deep, rich black and everything in between.  Because we are used to seeing the full spectrum of colours, it takes a little effort to train our brains to think about a scene based on highlights and shadows.
Here are some of the images I took to demonstrate during the

First Black and White Landscapes Workshop of 2020 posted on Maclean Photographic on .

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