18 Feb Fingertips with Fujifilm

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My name is Fabrizio Grillo, I am 38 years old and I was born in Rome. About 18 years ago I was lucky enough to turn one of my passions into a job. I am an Italian Air Force Pilot and over the years I have managed to fly on different types of planes, currently I fly the C130J, a tactical transport aircraft. The strong passion for photography came later, although I have the feeling that the word “image” somehow slept inside me. A few years ago, I was reading a book that asked to write a goal with a set time limit. I wrote: “participate and finish a photography course this year”. At the time I had an entry level Nikon given to me by my brother. A lesson of that course recommended a book to read that spoke about EVF: electronic viewfinder. This is where my curiosity for mirrorless cameras and for the Fujifilm world began. I started studying a lot and my first Fujifilm camera was a fantastic X-T1 graphite edition. Every time I used it my love for it and for photography increased. While using other cameras, I always had the negative feeling that I had […]

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