11 Dec Finding Zion

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Utah, USA, November

I was born in November, and as we did 2 years ago, Flemming and I celebrated my birthday by spending 2 weeks fully enjoying national parks – this time, all five of Utah’s. We were in the country during the election, but if you didn’t turn on the TV or read the news, there were few signs of the political contention heating the wires.

Zion National Park

This was my first visit to Zion. I started this post fully intending to post a big bunch of pictures, because it was so so beautiful, and such a welcome change after the garishness of Vegas.

Then I discovered I don’t have many pictures to post.



What I remember most of Zion, is the shuttle that you have to take to get around the scenic drive. Flemming and I headed there shortly after we landed and we were too tired to do much except try not to fall asleep / over too frequently.

We were both raring to go on the famous Angel’s Landing walk but figuring that in our current state, one of us falling off the ridge would be a bit of a bummer. Especially if the faller was the one with the car keys.

So we bussed obediently around, looked up in awe mite-sized climbers on the cliff faces, and did the family-friendly walks with the crowds in the full glare of the afternoon. The light was horrible to shoot in, but it worked for bus pictures (didn’t expect to be making these in a national park) and a lone frame of Weeping Rock.

Weeping Rock

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