10 Sep Finding Time to Shoot (and write!)

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If you’ve been a regular visitor to Admiring Light, you’ve probably noticed (and perhaps even been frustrated by) the lack of new articles over the past few months.  I apologize for that.  I’ve been absolutely swamped at my full-time job and have had less time than I’ve ever had for shooting and writing. I hope to review several new lenses (the Sony Zeiss and Rokinon 50mm f/1.4s will both make their way in soon, as will the Fuji X-T2 and, a bit later, the 23mm f/2.)  Then there’s the slew of new announcements that will come at Photokina.  Unfortunately, I won’t be making it to Photokina to cover the show this year: airfare was just prohibitively expensive this time around (roughly double what it cost me to go in 2014).  I do hope to make it out to PhotoPlus Expo a few weeks later, however.

The hardest thing for me, however, has been the lack of time to actually go out and shoot.  I had a quick trip to Pittsburgh with family, which afforded me with some opportunities, and this past weekend I forced myself to go out and shoot on a Sunday morning. I’m writing this simply as a reminder to those who get caught up in the rat race of daily life: it’s important to eventually find time to go out and shoot. During the busiest time this summer, I had developed a bit of apathy about photography in general. I was behind on writing articles; I hadn’t…

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