18 May Finding home

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Born in Sweden, Johan is a citizen of the world. Music, Photography, Dance, among others, his passions are many, becoming indistinguishable between hobbies and work.
Enchanted by his passionate way of life, it is with great pleasure that we interviewed Johan Otterdahl Edfeldt.

Hello Johan, it’s a pleasure to have you for this interview!  Could you please introduce yourself?
I was born in a beach town on the west coast of Sweden but spent the last 20 years travelling the globe searching for the perfect wave, mostly in Spain and New Zealand. I used to be a fulltime musician for many years but I have decided to take a break from my music for a while. So right now I’m working extra as a waiter and selling some prints on the side. When this Covid era is over, I probably go back to doing music and making photographs. I and my wife live in a tiny 25 square meter house in Sweden but we spent the first 6 months of the year in New Zealand living vanlife and staying with friends. Fuji X-T2 . f/3.6 . 1.6″ . ISO 100 Having lived in different countries, with different cultures and ways of being, what influence did it have on the way you see the world?
I really never felt Swedish, so when I moved to Spain at the age of 19, I felt right at home. I love passionate people and people with passions. Swedes can be very cold and

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