06 Mar Finding Hidden Gems

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

The Andes at sunset from Isle de Sol on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.The Andes at sunset from Isle de Sol on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. Olympus EM5 with Panasonic 45-150 lens. See text for further details.

I’ve often written about finding hidden gems in my back catalogue of shots. This week’s image is another good example.

It’s of the Andes mountains in Bolivia at sunset. Taken from Isle de Sol on Lake Titicaca back in 2014 I’d forgotten all about the shot. It was only when I was browsing to find images to share on my Instagram account that I noticed it.

When I took the shot, I remember walking out to watch the sunset from the high point on the island. I also remember seeing the light on the mountains and taking a few shots. What I don’t recall is any of those shots being special. But now when I look back, I’m seeing images that I really like. Interestingly the shots that I remember having high hopes for, now appear relatively poor.

I took this image using my Olympus EM5. I still have this camera and I still think the micro 43 cameras are great tools for travel and trekking. The lens I used was a Panasonic 45-150 at 80mm. This gave an exposure of 1/320” at f/6.3 and

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