25 Jan Filmulator is a straightforward open-source raw editor inspired by film development

Source: DP Review

Filmulator is a Raw photo editing and library management application designed to offer users a simpler, streamlined experience at the expense of flexibility and functionality. It’s not designed to do everything that an app like Lightroom can do but rather offer an open-source alternative based on developing film.

The creator, CarVac, recently answered some questions in a Reddit thread. When asked what separates Filmulator from Lightroom, CarVac stated that while Filmulator similarly handles import, Filmulator is ‘very limited to make editing streamlined and quick’ and Filmulator offers only basic asset management for now. Like Lightroom and numerous other Raw editors, Filmulator delivers a non-destructive editing process. When answering another user, CarVac states that Filmulator works with native Raw files from all major manufacturers as well as basic DNG files.

When compared to other open-source Raw editing applications, like RawTherapee and darktable, CarVac states, ‘[Filmulator] does more file management than RawTherapee or darktable, since [Filmulator] will import from a card into a directory structure. [Filmulator] doesn’t yet have tagging though, unlike darktable, but that’s soon.’ In terms of functionality and usability compared to RawTherapee and darktable, Filmulator prioritizes ease of use and streamlined operation, which means that the software doesn’t allow for various image editing tasks, like applying individual color curves or performing healing functions. The creator also doesn’t intend to add features such as layers or masking, as these features are outside of the vision for making a simple Raw editor.

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