27 Oct Film Photography and The Golden Age

Source: Sebastian Boatca

There was a time, not quite so long ago, when film photography really was the Golden Age of Photography and it was so alive and cool. My guess is that it all started when the first film cameras were manufactured on a large-scale and became available to the general public. And it was finished when the digital camera was made available to the people – the DSLRs and the compact digital cameras. Or maybe when the post-processing softwares were created. There was a time when RAW conversion and Photoshop could not save your wrong exposures and you really needed to master the camera and the procedures of making photography. There was a time when to be a photographer, a strong passion and a set of solid skills were required. You may say that this still applies today. Maybe, but today everybody is a photographer (until they turn the main dial to M Mode, or never do). With the rise of digital cameras, so accessible to anyone and let’s not forget the smartphone cameras, that get better and better (not to say incredibly good), photography became as popular as breathing.

Well, we need to clarify something here: when we say everybody does photography, it’s just a way of speaking. If there are 5 billion mobile phone users, that own mobile phones with cameras, could we say that we have 5 billion photographers? Isn’t it healthier to separate the meanings? A snapshot is not a photograph. A snapshot with your smartphone is an image “taken” from the space-time local universe and digitally recorded on your phone storage. But an image with a clear subject, story, emotion, structure, where soul and mind are required for this composition is a photograph that was “made” to be this way. So, after all, we don’t have over 5 billion photographers, out there, just camera users that record thousands of trillions of useless images. And a small part of them, are photographers….