07 Mar Film Lux 3 Now Available

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

Just a quick update on yesterday’s post: FilmLUX 3 is now available from my digital download store. FilmLUX 3 is a set of presets for Lightroom 8 or later and Photoshop CC 2019 or later. It was handcrafted by carefully studying the properties of various film stocks and creating my own version. It is designed to create a colour film look that is inspired by scanned film, although it isn’t intended to be a direct emulation of any particular film stock, but rather my own set of “virtual” films.

The set contains 15 “Film” looks with 10 colour and 5 slide film styles, each with two variations – one with a vignette and one without, for a total of 30 presets.

You can find out more, and see some examples of the presets in use over on the store page. There you can also download a sample pack of two of the included presets to try yourself. It will cost €10 normally, but for the next two weeks it is on sale for €7.50 (local prices may change depending on the local VAT rate)

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