17 Jan FFF : Fuji Fanboys Forever

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

Before I was a Fujifilm X-photographer, I am a Fuji Fanboy and I am still one. In this Fujifilm journey of mine, I have the privilege to get acquainted with many fellow fanboys who loves this brand we call Fujifilm. Two month ago I was having coffee with Ansell Tan. We were just chatting about everything under the stars until inadvertently we come to the topic of the new GFX50R. One thing lead to another as Ansell is a producer and we decided to have some fun and do a YouTube video showcasing GFX50R.    As we know, Fujifilm now have two mirrorless medium format camera. I owned the GFX50S for about two years and I am loving it. Last year I also tested the GFX50R for about 3 week. The look of the new GFX50R is not to everyone’s taste including me. Strangely I begin to slowly like it more. Which is a good thing. The design will grow with you. If you are a fan of X100, X-E and X-Pro series, the GFX50R will make you feel right at home. Personally I hope Fujifilm will launch a silver version of GFX50R. That would be quite a looker.    As a commercial photographer I prefer GFX50S because its more versatile for me. I could add a vertical grip; attach the EVF tilt adaptor for more versatility and the 3 way LCD has a little more edge for me. Not that the GFX50R is a more inferior camera; the two cameras actually houses the same sensor. So the IQ output is the same. Just a difference cameras style for different photography objective and needs….

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