27 Feb February 26th, 2017 … Fujifilm X100F … (but not only)

Source: Fujifilm Insider

So, I am going backward but I think I have to. It was Friday and the weather was nice and I wanted to go and work. I got a note from Adorama that my camera has shipped and would arrive Friday.

So I told Tanya that I didn’t feel like going to the VA and I just wanted to sit on the couch. Not just on the couch but the precise spot where I can see the door and out the window when UPS arrives.  I had that kinda nervous twitch and also the look of fear on my face, nah… all over me in fear of missing the long awaited knock on the door. She looks at me and raises her eyebrow and just,,,, hmmmm. I think maybe she found out that I’m in the “waiting for my new camera so leave me alone to sweat and just let me breathe mode. She ask me if I want coffee and I said no because I’d be painting the walls and then cleaning the house nervously. No, I’ll sit this one out. Tanya walks to the kitchen, CNN is on and I’m just like in limbo but it’s not limbo because the frigging world is moving and I don’t have my camera! She say’s Donusha,( semi Russian for Donald. I made the name up and her family agrees that I am part Russian. Please don’t tell CNN or Congress or Pres Trump. ) She ask me what I’m waiting for? Uh oh, she knows the mode I’m in. I’m dead I tellya, it’s over, the wife finds out about a new camera and nothing for her move, it’s not pretty I tellya, it damn sure ain’t gonna be pretty. Then, harken, I hear the voice from an angel, an angel sent from mother Light and Father FujiFilm…. is this the new Andre’ camera’?

GASP! The Horror! Oh, you mean the camera I’m waiting for, sure, it’s the new X100F but hold on, I have to watch Jake Tapper.  I’m pushing 68 real hard but not yet, oh no…not yet. I remember when I was young when Mom got us all a present, well the feelings I had them followed my all thru these years…

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